Does this sound familiar?

You already know the benefits of two-way radio: speed, simplicity, efficiency. No dialling, no ringing – just rapid, efficient exchanges of information between groups of people. Two-way radio gets the job done.

But you also know the limitations of two-way radio: frustratingly short range, expensive infrastructure, complicated licensing and shockingly high costs – especially for short term events. Whatever you try, or however much you spend, you never seem to be able to talk to the people you need to reach.

When two-way radio lets you down, plan B is to use your mobile phone. Now you can talk to people, but it’s painfully inefficent. Having to pass the same message to multiple people one at a time is slow, while missed calls and engaged tones are frustrating. Co-ordinating a team response is impossible. And what happens when you don’t know someones number?

We saw the same problems happening again and again so we created Andromeda, the worlds first digital two-way radio system that works over the public 2G & 3G mobile phone networks.

With Andromeda you have all the efficiency benefits of two-way radio, combined with the comprehensive geographical coverage of the mobile phone networks. Communicate instantly regardless of distance while avoiding the huge cost of building infrastructure. You can even test Andromeda in advance; no surprises on the day. Plus your control room staff will thank you for the advanced features of our Windows-based dispatcher software such as GPS tracking, callsign display and voice recording.

Andromeda is a proven solution that is relied upon every day by people in all kinds of industries and events. In the words of our customers: Andromeda just works. Contact us today for a demonstration.

The perfect communications combination

Efficiency of two-way radio + coverage of mobile phones

Two-Way RadioMobile PhonesAndromeda
One-to-many group communications
Fixed usage costs
Simple operation
Rugged handsets
Comprehensive signal coverage
No expensive infrastructure required
No frequency licensing issues
GPS tracking as standard
Emergency button for safety
Multi-network roaming

Comprehensive features

Everything you need to get the job done

Nationwide Coverage

Andromeda uses the 2G & 3G phone networks, so you get fantastic coverage without having to deploy complicated and expensive radio infrastructure.

GPS Tracking

No more asking “where are you?”. Locate and track Andromeda radios on detailed Google Maps, with satellite and street views. Export historical data.

Encrypted & Secure

Prevent casual eavesdropping and malicious interference with air interface encryption. Scanner proof. Remotely disable lost or stolen radios.

16 Group Channels

Never be constrained by capacity. Each radio has 16 individual channels for group calling, each capable of supporting more than 1,000 participants.

Individual Calls

Dispatchers can selectively call any Andromeda radio for a private one-to-one conversation. Radios support dispatcher callback for larger fleets.

Emergency Calls

Protect vulnerable lone workers with an easily accessible emergency button. Auto-live microphone and GPS positioning allows rapid assistance.

Dispatcher Software

Convert any Windows-based PC or laptop with internet access into a powerful command & control capability with our simple to use Dispatcher software.

Professional Accessories

Choose from a wide portfolio of professional quality audio accessories including surveillance, in-vehicle and motorbike options.

International Roaming

Andromeda radios support cross-border operations within Europe and internationally with multi-network roaming SIM options.

Happy customers

John Lambert
Head of Business, Quality & Compliance

       Having used expensive Airwave products in the past, I can confidently say that the coverage provided using an Andromeda radio is superior, and at a fraction of the price. This is definitely the technology of the future, and we are glad to be some of the first to use it within the security industry.

Simon Bridger

       The ability to communicate seamlessly, without delay, with colleagues in both London and the Austrian Alps at the same time was invaluable to complete the job successfully.

Simon Tapp
Operations Manager

       The feedback from our teams in the field is always very positive and the equipment provided has never let us down. I have every confidence in the service provided by Andromeda and would have no hesitation in recommending Andromeda to other organisations looking for a top class communications service.

Trish Shaw

       Andromeda work closely with my company to help us meet our communication needs. Whilst our demands are at times quite challenging, Andromeda works with us to resolve problems quickly and efficiently and with the utmost patience. I am constantly impressed with the system and the company and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to others.

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